Penny Scholtz


I was a clinical psychologist. Well, am. Well. It’s complicated. What lurks inside the hearts of men turned out to be blood. Mystery solved.

Oh er, sorry. That’s probably not very clear. Well, I’m a vampire. So. Blood. I know, I know, I was just as surprised as you. This needs backstory, bear with me. I ran support groups, in the evenings. Various things… an eating disorder group, social anxiety, and OCD. There was this one woman who came to all of them. She came across as dishevelled, haunted – and utterly batshit. I don’t say that lightly, I don’t believe that people ARE their mental health issue.

Except her.

It’s like there was nothing else there. My collegues told me she came to their sessions too. What was her deal? Some sort of sick game? Except she always had a lot to talk about. One time she stayed behind, after the session – she had that much to say apparently. I turn around to make myself some coffee and the next thing I know I’m somewhere else entirely. Another support group, Assholes Anonymous. And I’m a vampire now, doomed to play therapist to a bunch of murderous, deranged fuckups for the rest of eternity – or until they get sick of me, which I gather happens.

That’s the origin story, I’ll spare you the early serials. 6 months of tedious gruntwork while I tried to learn the ins and outs of this new society. For people with no lives they throw a hell of a lot of parties. At the moment I’m kind of stuck between two of the big groups. My “sire” is Camarilla, and they’re big and normal and safe, except not for me because my vampire mommy is a fucking psychopath. So I’ve also been running jobs for the Anarchs, on the down-low, trying to get protection so I can jump ship. The Anarchs are kind of like what you’d get if you made college freshmen immortal and unchanging. They’re okay. A little irriating.

Now BOTH groups want me to watch this pair of strays that cropped up during a Sabbat raid. I don’t think they realise how busy I am. I run night sessions at the clinic part time. I hunt. I fulfil the whims of my mercurial puppetmistress. I try to maintain a semblence of my old life. And now I have to babysit too? Jane can go fuck herself, single moms aren’t SHIT.

What? Who’s Jane? Oh, you wouldn’t know her. And er… now I guess you never will. Sorry, nothing personal.


Jane Scholtz – Penny’s sister, a single mom and pediatric nurse. She is chronically overworked and bitter. She used to get on pretty well wit her sister, and has reacted poorly to what she saw as one of her few remaining confidantes pulling away from her. It bugs Jane that Penny is still friends with Grace.

Ollie Scholtz-Cunningham – 16 year old highschooler and irritating brat, Ollie is Penny’s nephew. He is convinced that something weird is going on with his aunt and is determined to put he and his friends’ considerable investigative prowess to work on figuring out what.

Dr Grace Cunningham (contact) – Jane’s ex, and a consultant pathologist at Cathedral City Central Hospital (CCCH). She and Penny have a good relationship that hasn’t been much tarnished in recent days – Grace is pretty low maintenance.

Tyrone Davis – an unofficial leader among the faction of the anarchs that isn’t interested in aligning with the Sabbat. He attends the Camarilla court and is pretty broadly respected throughout the city, despite not holding any specific title. He is secretly considering killing Jane and her kid because he thinks Penny is far too hung up on them.

Edith Hamilton – Bizarre Malkavian Primogen. She holds court in the Support Group, a twisted parody its namesake where mad vampires must “unburden” or face stiff consequences.

Penny Scholtz

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