Anthony Forzaglia


1. What is your primary aim in life right now? Do you have one?

To find a reason for my Embrace; First task, find my Sire. Why did she do it?

2. It has been over a month since you were embraced. How many times have you fed since then? (In game terms, remember your max blood pool is around 10 and you lose at minimum 1 point per sunrise plus whatever you spend on disciplines and vampiric powers.) How have you fed, and how do you feel about it?

3. How do you feel about stealing from others (innocents) to help yourself? What if they’re not innocent? How about physically harming them?


I’ve fed several times. At first, on female patrons at clubs and bars. It’s never been hard for me to get attention and this seems like the easiest way to get someone alone to feed on. I haven’t fed on anyone I know, and I am very uncomfortable with the thought. I don’t take much; I’d rather take a little extra time to find three different people to feed from, than really risk hurting one of them. I think I’ve managed to stay out of the way of any other vampires who have claimed these clubs as their territory, but I can’t be certain.

There was one time that stands out in particular, though. When I was was talking to a young woman, her boyfriend took exception to our conversation. Normally I would have just walked away, but rather than confronting me, his first reaction was to slap her hard across the face. I took exception to this and suggested, with the added weight of Dominate/Presence usage, that the bully and I take this business outside, alone. He was drunk and I was a vampire. I beat him pretty badly, and took some blood too. I left him alive, but not very well off. Afterwards, it wasn’t just the alcohol stolen from the bastard’s veins I was drunk on. Damn it feels good to do that to someone who deserved it!

Anthony Forzaglia

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