It Is Always Three O'Clock in the Morning

Episode 8: People Are Strange

Music: The Doors – People Are Strange

GM’s note: The last three episodes (6, 7, and 8) were written down months after the game happened, an unfortunate result of procrastination. As a result, these accounts are pieced together from my notes during the session and my foggy memories of what went on. Compared to the previous write-ups these will be shorter, feature less dialogue, and they may or may not fully reflect what actually happened in the game.

Episode 8 was a “Halloween Episode” and has little to do with the on-going plots of the previous episodes. Also, the tone of the game was more light-hearted than the previous relatively grimier stories told in this game. The description is also much shorter than for other sessions.

Nora arranges to meet Penny, Anthony, and Angel in a bar to ask them a favor. Marcel, their mutual friend (and a ghoul, not a kindred), is apparently running a “vampire cult” out of a club run out of the abandoned Yonkers Power Station. “Imagine it, vampires in Yonkers!” Nora crows. Also quizzical because Marcel, as a ghoul, couldn’t make new kindred and even drinking his blood would do little more than provide a buzz to the drinker. Nonetheless, it sounds like a possible masquerade breach, and Nora asks the three to check it out.

They travel up to Yonkers and Penny uses her scary madness powers to get them into a sprawling goth club filled to the rafters with black velvet and faux-ancient masquerade masks. By asking around to club-goers, they find the place is run – with a minimum of secrecy – by “_vampires_ in service to their queen, her most unholy and shadowed mistress, Lady Vitathrix.” Oh, jeez. Using actual supernatural abilities to bluff and command their way into the VIP section, they find that “Lady Vitathrix” is an unsurprisingly very mortal woman. Getting into an office high above the VIP room, they discover though that she’s not exactly unscary, though: in the office is Marcel has been crucified on a metal table, a network of wires and needles in his body slowly siphoning his blood into bags for “Vitathrix” and her followers to drink. Marcel explains he tried to run on a con on the goths out here, putting himself up as a vampire in order to get cash and attention, but it turns out the head lady is a real sociopath and before he knew it he was here, on this table.

After an understandable amount of giving shit to Marcel for his extreme stupidity, the three free him and help him escape. Along the way they throw around some of the poseur vampires and scare the living shit out of others to teach them a lesson. “Vitathrix,” however, is strangely nowhere to be seen. Penny, Angel, and Anthony later wonder if she was ever a real person, or just a made-up front for the poseurs combined with a hazy anemic hallucination from Marcel.



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